Did you recently install or renovate your lawn or landscape design? The following care for your lawn or landscape design will always keep it looking beautiful.

New Lawn / Renovation / Sod

  • After new lawn, renovation or sod is installed you will need to water.
  • Water schedule is as follows
    1. Lawns: Water every day until puddles appear. You DO NOT want water run-off. Water until seed germinates or sod actively grows
    2. After germination, you should water
      • Temperatures in the low 70's - 3 times per week.
      • Temperatures in the upper 70's - 4 times per week.
      • Temperatures in the 80's - 5 times per week.
      • Temperatures in the 90's and over- 6 times per week.
  • In the event of rain, skip the watering for the schedule time period.

How to care for your new lawn

  • We suggest 2-½" to 3" as a good cutting height. Note: Do not cut grass shorter than 2-½"
  • Please discharge grass clippings back into turf. This provides nutrients and promotes healthier turf.
  • Make sure cutting blade is sharp; dull blades will shred rather than cut, making your turf more susceptible to disease.
  • Follow a schedule treatment program, whether you do it yourself, or hire a contractor to do it, 5-7 steps are recommended.

Caring for your new landscape or design

  • Bushes, shrubs and trees need about 1" of water per week.
  • We suggest watering twice a week until the new landscape/design area puddles with no run off. Note: DO NOT over water.
  • After six weeks, change watering schedule to once per week until the first frost comes, than let nature takes it course. Repeat once a week or 1" of water per week during the next year that follows, until root systems are well established.
  • New mulch should be applied every year about 1" depth.
  • Temperature fluctuations should determine more or less water. More water in hot and humid temperatures and less in lower, cooler temperatures.
  • In the event of rain, skip the watering for that particular schedule time period.